Makeup today is often thought of as essential by many women and so they like to ensure that all the makeup is close at hand with perhaps a vanity case containing all their makeup needs being on a dressing table, often next to their jewelry boxes. They can buy these vanity cases anywhere but an increasing number of people are buying them online by going to sites like the one by Makeup Fix UK which will have a wide assortment available, probably more than any store locally does.

Although these makeup cases or vanity cases are often small and able to be kept on a dressing table, others such as ones used by actresses and models may be far larger, large enough to warrant them having wheels or castors in many cases. Some of these larger vanity cases may even be equipped with lighting and mirrors in case the actress is on location somewhere remote so there are no real dressing rooms.

The first vanity cases, which were made in the early Victorian period, were also large but they were specifically designed for men and not women. They were originally designed so that a gentleman would have they needed to ensure they were well groomed whilst travelling without having to continuously rummage through their luggage. At that time, as it was only the wealthy gentlemen that could afford to travel, the vanity case became a well-known status symbol. It was also a status symbol for ladies in the later Victorian period when they began to also travel extensively but once again, only the wealthy ones.

Once these wealthy women started to travel and had the convenience of a vanity case to ensure they could quickly and easily make touch ups to their makeup and hair, they started to use the cases even when they were at home. This led to a large demand for vanity cases as women that could not afford to travel would still use them. These cases started to be designed smaller so they could easily fit on dressing tables next to a jewelry box whilst others were still being made for travellers but now, they were not so much of a status symbol as they once were.

A vanity case can today be any case that is designed to hold makeup items and so they can be very small, holding only the minimum of makeup accessories to very large which are used by actresses and models if they ever have to go to remote shoots. These larger ones are so large that many of them have their own wheels and most include lights and mirrors in their designs. Perhaps surprisingly though, considering they were first designed for men, apart from actors, very few men today but or even use vanity boxes although most travellers will still try and ensure that whilst travelling they do have at least a comb or hairbrush readily available in case one is needed but then again, travel is much faster these days and so that may be all they now need.