Winning Back an Ex-Girlfriend

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Winning back an ex-girlfriend is rarely easy and often far harder than just finding a new one however, there are those people that think that the effort is worth it. So, if getting an ex girlfriend back is your choice, you must be very careful how you go about it as you could lose the opportunity to ever go after her again.

The one thing that you should never do is beg her to come back to you. This is something that many people try and although it may work initially, is doomed to eventual failure. If the ex-girlfriend does return to you after you have begged, she has probably only returned due to pity and pity is not something a long term relationship can be built on. After a while, often just a short while, then girlfriend’s sense of pity will wear off and she will just look at you as being someone weak that had to resort to begging in order to solve a problem.

Neither is it usually a good idea to remind the ex-girlfriend of the past, the good times you shared as all too often this also reminds them of the bad times you shared as well, reminding her of the reasons why you broke up in the first place. So do not dwell on the past but speak of the future, of what it could be like if you were to get back together, specifically mentioning things you know she likes.

Obviously how to get an old girlfriend back will depend on the circumstances in which you separated and who finished with whom. For instance, if she finished with you claiming you were not romantic enough, you must include in your efforts, things romantic such as picnics, candle lit dinners and the like but on the other hand, if she claimed you were getting too serious, you must remain act more laid back and relaxed about the relationship, not pushing anything but just taking each day at a time.

Of course, whether you finished with her or she finished with you, you must expect to do a lot of apologizing, either for finishing with her or for the things she claims you did to make her finish with you. Remember, you should have already decided that this is the right girl for you and so any amount of groveling is acceptable, short of begging of course.

You do not want her to think that you are stalking her as that will put her off and so try and make any meeting appear unexpected and remain casual, asking her how she is doing and perhaps mentioning that you miss her and wait for what response you get. Always remember though, if you are successful in winning her back, try not to make the same mistakes as you previously made, show her that you are a new and better person than the one she you to date but don’t just tell you have changed; show her you have changed.